225 Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe, Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone


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  1. Hey D Grill, Awesome job. Was it complicated to create the Texas Cheat profile? Lots of family things going on and I wanted to start my brisket three days ago. I finally got it started at 4:30 PM this evening. I used the GMG profile for my Daniel Boone. Next time I would like to try the Texas Cheat profile. I just subbed and rang the bell.

  2. Approx How much pellets did you use on this cook? When I did your Pulled Pork Recipe, I used almost an entire 20 lb bag. It's cold here now so I get that has an effect too. About 30-35 degrees here.

  3. The final product looked excellent and had a decent smoke ring but I didnt see the grill producing a lot of smoke for some reason? Do you get lots of smoke out of the gmg?

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