2 Weight Loss Dinner Recipes | Healthy Weight Loss Dinner Recipes


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  1. your recipes look soo YUMMY, and better yet, healthy! after trying your recipes, and having a full belly, the sound of your voice is so soothing i could drift off to sleep! thank u for the recipes! 😋😋

  2. Mam i loveeee noodles😍😍😍 but alsoo im scared as i have weight concens😥 but this seems sooo soo tastyyy😍😍 im vegetarian mam😅 but i got an idea.. i can use cottage cheese or soya chunks instead of chicken? and can boil spaghetti in water? i can add veggies and den finally salt for taste..? Just 1 qs. mam can i add 1 tbspoon soya sauce in my veg spaghetti just for colour and taste? will i lose weight by eating dis as my dinner or lunch?

  3. Can I replace chicken broth to water ?? Because in India I don't think they sell chicken broth ..
    Any alternative .. ??
    Please tell ..
    I have been eating from your recipes and finding it delicious and also losing weight 😃

  4. just want to ask something which brand u prefer and what type of noodles ; semolina durum which is wheat and semolina pasta or there are other brands in UAE like Barilla (made with corn and rice flour and are gluten free.)….what should i go for as a hypothyroid patiently. Please reply as i am confused while buying them

  5. Vicky how much calories does this spegetti plate contain?? I am on diet and i am really getting sick of boiled eggs,vegies,oats..i love spegetties..i want to try this but kindly can you tell me the carbs this plate of spegetti contain?? Pleaseee do reply me!!

  6. hiee….. I have subscribed ur channel but u don't reply to my questions ….i m on ur egg diet but can u plz suggest a substitute to the dinner oatmeal plz !!!
    Hoping that u reply soon….

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