2 minutes High Protein ( 45 gms ) Breakfast | हिंदी


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  1. Protein 46 g

    Fats 12g

    Carbs 25 gm


    1) Ashwagandha to combat stress.

    2) Cinnamon to improve insulin sensitivity.

    3) Peanut butter coconut oil for good fat

    4) eggs because they are awesome. Good protein and great micro nutrient profile.

    Hope we are cool now.



  2. Brother
    In 2 eggs we have 6 gm protein
    So how it can be 45 gm protein plz explain

    Nd I nead diet of 8 hours becoz after 8 hours I did not have tyme. Nd my weight s 70 how much protein I needed

  3. Isko rooz kaoge toh .. muscle build Hoga k Nahi vo pata Nahi lekin apka pait jarur Phul Jayega .so many fats in one meal.aise chutiyapa mat Kiya Karo Apne subscriber k Saat . They trust u so b more responsible.kud he sure Nahi h kya bana raaha h BC.

  4. kya bakwaas hai issey accha egg boil kar ke kha leta….aur good u asked how to make ur video….jo tumne banaya hai ussey khaaney se accha bhookey hi ghar se nikal jao….😛😛😛😛👍👍

  5. He tried to copy muscle and strength videos,,😂😂 pancake bhi jala diye.

    Take 30gm oats, 50gram cottage cheese, 2 whole eggs, 20gram curd, 1scoop whey(any of your choice) grind it and make it. It has more protein than ur meal and everything is natural.

  6. please justify the macronutrients of the meal you have prepared and if cannot be sorry to your 281k subscribers.
    I can't see 46gm of protein in it anyhow 2 eggs= 8-9 gm protein max, banana used=1 has hardly 2gm of protein… justify your stats or stop fooling people.

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