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  1. You have me thinking about going keto for a few weeks just to see what happens.. I’m curious about it. I’ve always counted macros and right now I eat intuitively. I’m such a fan of carbs tho and don’t really eat much fat right now. So I really am not sure if I could do this diet lol. I’m HUGE on sweet stuff too. Do you ever eat anything sweet (at all)? Also how many carbs/fats/protein do you usually eat? And do you have a cheat day/meal during the week?

  2. I’d love to see an affordable haul! On your last haul I looked at the prices and was like damn lol such cute stuff I want it all! But yes if you know any affordable but good quality brands please let us know! ❤️ love this video! Thanks for the recipes!

  3. Just followed your insta and subscribed here! I want to invest in a pair of lululemon leggings but heard mixed reviews and that they don’t last past one wash, so a haul would be helpful 👍

  4. Yum Yum! Now I am craving Poke! If you love poke, and you like coconut milk, you should totally try Samoan "Oka". It is very similar to Poke except it is the Samoan version made on the island with fresh coconut cream. Yummmmmm 🙂 I love your videos!

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