2 Easy and Healthy Recipes by Masterchef to Boost Your Immunity • Taste Show


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  1. I love cooked pears, they are the best! A cheaper alternative to birds nest is white fungus, i personally like making a dessert with pear, white fungus, dried figs, chinese almonds (nan bei xing), chuan bei and rock sugar, and throw in a small teaspoon of washed goji berries when the cooking is about done. It doesn't look as fancy tho! Thank you Chef and team! ❤️

  2. Take a high price for getting this bird nest. No wonder that there are many people spending their money to get this for their health. And this is for the first time I see the bird nest and know how to cook it. Even I don't think i will make it, but getting your healthy food vibe during this pandemic through your cooking technique and the way you deliver your knowlage makes me pround to know your channel. I will learn a lot… thank you chef John and Team.

  3. I like the 1st recipe as my mom always prepare it for me to calm my cough. Same ingredients, same cooking method, esp i like eating goji berries cuz they have great benefit for the healthy face skin. Thank you for your sharing. Your LA girl loves you John ❤

  4. 我的老天,没想到周四也有精彩教学,而且还是这种这么高级的甜品,再次感谢张大厨的无私分享,今天又让我对各类食材以及甜品的做法提升了一个认知!另外这个燕窝应该是赞助商吧哈哈哈,首先恭喜张大厨和你的团队能够有合作商找上门,同时我也想说你们拍得这么没有违和感,一点也不会让人觉得刻意,一点也没有做广告的感觉,真的非常让人喜欢!支持!

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