$1M SEAFOOD PASTA RECIPE | How to Cook Pasta Seafood | Italian Seafood Recipe


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  1. Your cooking reminds me of my grandfather Puelatti. I remember him saying so many times "If god would only let me put my legs one more time under my mama's dinner table. Food looks delicious. I subscribed

  2. That looks delish! The olive oil looks amazing.. and such an amazing color.. do organic and rich! Do you know if they repurpose the pulp of the olives after making the oil? Like to add to feed of livestock.. or make soap?

  3. Whaaat, that's what real olive oil looks like? What the heck have I been buying? Haven't seen olive oil like that here in America yet. Awesome recipe, looks gorgeous as well.

  4. I used roasted garlic olive oil in my pizza dough.  Then I oil the pan with it.  Adds that little something.  My linguini and clam sauce tastes so buttery.  People ask how much butter I use,  but it is only olive oil.

  5. Vincenzo, I've never seen a better Italian seafood dish. I probably never saw a more enticing seafood dish of any kind before this! This looked insanely delicious! The videography was spectacular! You're an amazing movie maker! I love the clips of the olive oil processing plant! Great job my friend! Thank you for the recipe!

  6. Bravo Vincenzo, thank you so much for sharing your recipe that pasta is my favorite & I love the sea food you used vongole is my favorite. I also make vongole with a red sauce with garlic & chillies, now that's amazing!! Anyway, grazie Ciao Ciao

  7. Gli odori dell'olio extravergine appena estratto, mmmh che bontà! Gli australiani si leccano i baffi con le nostre tradizioni culinarie eheh, chissà che varietà di olive era quella…
    Comunque nella mia modesta città del sud sono circondato da cantine e frantoi, e ogni anno produciamo (indirettamente) il nostro olio con 3 varietà diverse….esce un olio che non ti dico! 🙂

  8. Ciao, Vincenzo. That seafood pasta looks crazy. I love the Italian music in the background. I hope you get around to make tortellini soon. What's the best way to plant the best grapes? Have a good day, Vincenzo.

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