15 Japanese Chicken Recipes | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)


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  1. Wow, you could have made 15 videos! Thanks for the inspiration to cook!

    00:00 Chicken Teriyaki
    01:49 Sesame Seeds Crusted Chicken Teriyaki
    02:43 Bitter Melon Stuffed Teriyaki (Stuffed Goya)
    03:58 Healthy Microwave Meatloaf
    06:28 Yakitori
    08:06 Karaage
    09:25 Simmered Karaage & Kabocha
    10:48 Sanzoku Yaki (Large Fried Chicken)
    11:43 Simmered Chicken in Grated Potato
    13:19 Cream Stew from scratch
    14:51 Omurice
    16:30 Paella Japanese style
    18:17 Oyakudon
    19:12 Macaroni Gratin (in a frying pan)
    21:23 Chawanmushi

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I watch and try out your recipes whenever I have time. I also love your pan and the cover( the one you use for yakitori) Please please tell me where you got them. Thanks so much.

  3. This would be better if each recipe was listed followed by a linked timestamp on where they are on the video so that you could go back to it without having to scroll through the whole video looking for it.

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