12 Recipes For Dinner – Quick Dinner Ideas


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  1. Quick dinner pop egg in microwave paper plate salt garlic poke holes in egg.dont explde 39 seconds u can put on bread or tomatoes and onions bellpeppers chop up egg healty verion lost70 pounds u eat excercise walk dogs walk on lunchbreak save last15 go walk inside a store einfow shop or stay jome mom go walk around walmart twice inside before by something peaceful eary morning

  2. Today recipe my children warn pudding make vanilla pack puddon hoton stove add splash milk and two tablezpoons butter sprinle salt sprinkle suger egg yolk stir in pot cooking it till thick eat as is or put in pie crust but eat hot

  3. Goin way to fast to enjoy the YouTube experience. And why yal put up advertisements over an unfinished video or meal at the end…..irritated not watching g any more going bk to tasty….

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