11 Recipes That Use Rice Paper Way Beyond Spring Rolls (part 1)


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  1. I thought i could do this sheets in the Fritteuse but they will rip. =/
    But the Chip recepie should be nice…
    My Rice Flour Springroll Sheets where better….,)

  2. I LOVE RICE WRAPPERS! Unfortunately, they don't fit with a keto or carnivore diet 🙁 But I've saving your video for "one of THOSE days" when ya just gotta have something off the diet. And, like you, I always have some (yeah, they do pretty much last forever). It's a great staple to have because of that.

  3. I love your "idea" recipes…but I have an idea for you…I love your accent…perhaps you could one day…read a story, perhaps your favorite story….I'd love to listen to you…♥

  4. "Let's make a quiet time, a pure silence", that's me with my morning coffee and praying. My 11 year old Son Holden loves rice, and I have made maki rolls at home minus the suishi. My boy's like anything I make they can munch on in a task. I have made rice wraps, and they would not touch them. Going to try again with them because I find the next day they are not sticky and the innerds have marinaded in the juices. Funny, how food does that, I notice chili and pastas taste better after a day to chill then heated again. Just another way to deliver the food I actually want them to eat. The paper itself is not the benefit. I love my rice wraps dipped in tamari sauce, and tried plum sauce because my aunt is filipino and her spring rolls are praise worthy, we dip those in plum sauce.

  5. About a week ago, I actually dumpped those chopped rice paper into my instant miso soup, and they didn't hold, hanged and fell off the chopsticks(they sure don't have a soul, Ramen

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