10 Vegan Kid Lunch Ideas with a PlanetBox


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  1. My husband and I have been vegan for a year now and are slowly transitioning our two boys. These are great ideas to prep for their new Planetbox lunch box. Thank you.

  2. I really want to invest in one of these for my daughter. They are so pricey though. I'm totally weighing out the pro's and con's in my head. I tried to go vegan during my last pregnancy and it didn't work out, but we just started again and I'm finding that I have to send lunch and snack because there is no vegan options. This may be worth it because she will always have cold lunch. Eeekkk…

  3. My kids love to eat bean and "cheese" burritos. I make them ahead and keep them frozen and then heat them up in the morning and wrap them in foil to keep them warm. So far that has worked for us.

  4. Such healthy lunches. I wish all children would/could eat that way. Avery was a hoot, too. Love her saying, "Comment in the box below." And I just did. 😉

  5. I love that your school doesn't allow peanut butter! As a person with a SEVERE peanut allergy, school lunches were always so hard for me. Just breathing in the smell of peanuts makes me sneeze.

    These lunches are great. My daughter started kindergarten this year and we've been struggling to pack healthy lunches, that don't contain a ton of processed foods. Sometimes she'll eat the meal and other times it comes home untouched.

  6. I've always wondered, with these types of containers, how do you have both hot and cold items? How do you re-heat the hot items and keep the cold items cold?

  7. we've been using these lunch boxes for years, just me and my husband! question, can she heat up her lunch at school? a lot of these meals seem like they wouldn't be good served cold. we have a 15 month old in daycare and bring all his food/snacks everyday (very similar to your meals) since we're vegan, but they heat things up for him.

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