10 Rice Recipes To Fill You Up For Dinner


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  1. You should really add timestamps in the description, it would make navigating in your videos much easier. So, here it is :
    00:03 : One pot lemon pepper chicken
    1:14 : Bacon and egg fried rice
    2:18 : Quinoa veggie fried rice
    3:01 : Cauliflower and shrimp fried rice
    3:43 : Paprika chicken and rice bake
    4:29 : Lentils and rice with caramelized onions
    5:27 : Teriyaki chicken cauliflower rice bowl
    6:30 : Teriyaki chicken fried rice dome
    8:27 : Rice cooker asian chicken rice
    9:35 : One pot cilantro lime chicken rice

  2. I have the idea that I feel like making bacon and eggs fried rice for dinner, either today or tomorrow, for about two days 😉 Easy, not heavy priced ingredients, and- It seems very tasty. I would like to adjust A little salad to it, for my vegetable intake however.

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