10 Healthy Lunch Ideas-Transformation TV-Episode #002


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  1. Yuck! Lunchables they look adorable on the shelf (packaging). A kid I used to sit devoured them, as her Dad would leave me money to buy her anything her little heart desired: Who Knew:(

  2. Great post . A dilemma for concerned parents is exactly this . What do I put in my children's lunch box ? Will they eat the healthy food or just toss it away at school ? How can I make my child crave healthy food ?

  3. I can't afford to buy organic food so what I do is I ask God to bless my food and I thank him for all I have been given ,so my advice would be try prayer, that also works.

  4. @Dr. Josh Axe I am trying my best to completely change what is on my refrigerator, but I feel that organic food is way to expensive to feed my family of six. We have a tight budget as it is. Do you have any videos on how to eat healthy without hurting my budget as much?

  5. Hi. I'm going to a festival for 4 days. The only problem is that there's NO healthy food available AT ALL. I was thinking to take a coolbox with me, but I have no idea what I can take with me that's healthy and fresh and will 'survive' really hot weather and a dirty environment. Any tips? Really nice and helping videos by the way!

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