10 Creative Recipes Using Just a Potato (Part 1)


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  1. You two pulled me out of a depression last year, inspiring my current love for cooking. Just ended a toxic relationship last night but I still care dearly for the person, so once again, you two are helping me feel okay simply by sharing your brilliant ideas and being your goofy, positive selves. Would kill for a hug from you two right now. 🙁 Never change, guys.

  2. Imy just addicted to watching you guys turn everyday cheap foods into amazing fancy foods 😉 you made me want to start cooking again thankyou. my new favorite spice is I dehydrate jalapeño's and crush them in to a powder and use in my cooking so freaking good takes my food to a new level of yumminess xoxo

  3. boiled potatoes are the highest rated food for "fullness factor" aka "satiety rating" aka how full you feel. It's also one of the most nutritionally complete foods on earth. potato is best food.

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