+10 Cooking, How To: Roast – Delicious Pork Roast Recipe Video


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  1. i heard of this Intermittent Fasting a few weeks ago…but that shit is such a pain in the ass… what the fuck… counting all that shit up u need to eat and fucking watch the time too… its just no fun at all to live like that. i hoped there would be better ways.

  2. That one is the only bad side , but wonder for a second : it's the only way to get exactly what your body needs for working at 100% (you even take out the need to "eliminate the waste").
    Thebst thing is that it's going extremly cheap 4 – 4.5 $ /day wroth of food. Even less when they will start to mass produce this.
    I really don't find eating enjoyable (exept as a social experience to go out with friends) so i just love this product 🙂

  3. Soylent.me , it's a cool thing go check that out 😛

    It's not an ad or some spammy shit like that , it's a product made by a genious american (it's not yet on the market).

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