10 Best Italian Recipes


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  1. Standing ovation for Federico Marsili! I confirm every single word Federico said, we are italian people, italian food lovers, and I can assure you that these dishes you describe DON'T EXIST! Instead, carbonara, panzanella, panna cotta and so on do. But they are totally different.

  2. I'm really curious where did you find such recipes.
    10) The meatballs are not a dish with pasta, but a main course made of minced meat in the shape of balls. There's no official recipe because in Italy every region or county has its own way to make them, depending on the season or the local products;
    9) This "Carbonara" recipe it's a crime against our very culture. First of all there's NO bacon, but guanciale, no "parmesan" because it's name is Parmigiano Reggiano and it's totally different from the Pecorino cheese which the recipe needs. The Eggs are 1 whole and 4 yolks.
    8) Bruschetta it's the same as meatballs, there are hundreds of variants. The most common one is grilled bread with just extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. In many cities you may find the version with fresh chopped tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and basil (or oregano). Definitely NO butter in it.
    7) Where the hell did you find this recipe??? Anchovies and nutmeg plus raisins? Mate, you have a weird concept of Italian food!
    6) Minestrone, same for n. 10 and 8. No official recipe because it depends on which vegetables you have. The more you put in the best will taste. The pasta is an add, the tradition wants only veggies in it. In many cities and regions it's often used pancetta or guanciale to give it a more savory taste;
    5) PaNNa Cotta, with two "N" please and two separate words. Again, where the hell did you find this weird recipe? The Pannacotta it's a traditional dessert from Piedmont, in northwest of Italy. The recipe it's so old we don't even indicate a specific historical period. The ingredients are: Sugar, Cream, Gelatin and Vanilla. FULLSTOP. No gin, no lemon juice, no raspberries, no figs. The basic Panna Cotta is this one and you can put on top dozens of toppings, homemade or commercial ones.
    4) Wait, I need to recover from the heart attack I had. PANZANELLA, it's called PANZANELLA!!! I lived in Tuscany so many years and I know it very well. It's a very traditional bread salad, a rustic summer meal. It's a very humble dish of peasant origin. The ingredients are: stale bread (to be precise Tuscan Bread), tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil, salt, pepper, white wine vinegar and oil. NO MOZZARELLA BALLS AND NO GODDAMN BALSAMIC GLAZE!
    3) Risotto it's not a dish, it's a kind of pasta. We call the different recipes Risotto with… etc. We have hundreds of different ways to make risotto. This point is so damn wrong I don't even know where to start to correct your mistakes. By the way is't CarnaRoli Rice, not Carmacoli.
    2) At least you put the right ingredients, but you forgot the sugar, chocolate and the Ladyfingers, a kind of cookies we make in Italy. Nice picture, but who's the sinner who put mint leaves on top of a Tiramisù?
    1) All wrong. You write about a kind of pizza and you didn't put the pizza dough between the ingredients. Unforgivable. In the traditional Pizza Margherita there's thick tomatoes puree, buffalo's milk mozzarella, basil, extra virgin oil and salt.

    Plase, make me a favor, stop dealing with something it's clear you don't now anything about. Stick with your home food and let it be other countries traditions. Or at least if you want to do such a "tribute" google the recipes genius!

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