♢ My 8 Favourite Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes ♢


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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    I just started my first youtube channel about my struggles with anorexia that I have at the moment and it would really mean a lot if you would check it out! <3 (+what I eat – raw vegan)

  2. What were the ingredients for that red smoothie you had at the end of the video before you showed the graph? Been wanting to become vegan but I'm gonna take it slowly and adapt to vegetarian then go into vegan. This video helped so much!

  3. Hey! I heard in your video that you are living in Spain? where are you living? I am from Madrid! I am so glad to hear that your are vegan in Spain! I personally do not know anyone who is vegan in Spain! This made me so happy!!! :)

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