सबसे आसान तरीका रेस्टोरेंट वाला मनचाव सूप – veg manchow soup restaurant recipe – cookingshooking


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  1. Poison b ek chutki jitna rehta magar asar karke insan ko khatam kardeta hai. Do t consume MSG please. Its really harmful for health. Naturally occurring msg is safe but not ajinomoto so avoid completely

  2. I always see your video, your style of cooking, fab..I have also made my channel , meanwhile it doesn't have any growth. It's my request to you that please !!subscribe and share my channel … that's my very big request to you hope you understand me.=_=😭😞

  3. Why was the vinegar added at the end …what happens if it is added previously. I had tried ur Pani Puri receipe..In the first attempt itself I was able to make it very crispy and tasty .I live all your recepies..keep it up and help us to make more delicious dishes…best of luck…even I enjoy the way you say thori thori🤣😋

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